Veterinary exam* $42.00 for the first 3 animals. (per Household)
                            $55.00 for 4 or more animals. (per Household)

*Veterinary exam is a must before any Vaccines or Procedures                            

Medical progress exam                           $30
  Feline distemper(RCP)                         $22                    
  Feline leukemia                                   $25                                
  Canine distemper/parvo                      $22                                       Bordetella(kennel cough)                    $20                  
  Rabies (cat/dog)                                  $18
  Canine Lyme                                        $40                          

  Nail trim                                              $10                                   
  Anal glands expressed                       $15            
  Ear cleaning                                        $10                        
  Heartworm Test                                  $35

  Male Cat Neuter                                   $70                              
  Female Cat Spay                                  $90
  (Rabies for cats at the time of spay/neuter $10)
  (rcp done at the time of spay/neuter $20)

***Any animals over 60lbs and/or older than 7 years, for the safety of the animal and for more monitoring please use a full service vet.***

***No brachiocephalic breeds(such as pugs, bulldog etc.)***

  Male Dog Neuter :   0-20lbs                 $130
                                 20-40lbs               $150
  Female Dog Spay :  0-20lbs                 $150
                                 20-40lbs               $180
                                (No in Heat Spays)

Any other fees can be discussed at the time of exam.

Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, Checks or Credit Card.    (Care Credit, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express).

****If using a Credit Card it depends on if we have good cell phone service.****

Adirondack Mobile Veterinary Service
Home Euthanasia Service:

Unfortunately due to physical limitations we are not able to do "in home" euthanasia's at this time, unless under special circumstances.