What is a Housecall Vet and why would I want one? 
 A housecall veterinarian differs from a traditional veterinarian in that the vet comes to your home to care for your pet. That's where the difference ends. At Adirondack Mobile Veterinary Services we offer most of the services you would find at a traditional practice, but we come directly to you. 

What are the advantages to using a mobile veterinary service?
  *Enables the doctor to more efficiently diagnose.
  *Offers comfortable geriatric care to aging pets, without frequent visits to a  veterinary office.
  *Can care for the entire household of pets in one or two visits.
  *Caters to fearful or fractious animals whom react negatively to the stress of transportation and a new environment.
* Less stress on your pets and you. 

* Eliminates exposure to sick animals



Adirondack Mobile Veterinary Service