*Wellness visits (annual exams).

          Dogs: Distemper Parvo, leptospirosis,                               Bordetella, Rabies and Canine
          Cats: Distemper(FVRCP), Leukemia and                           Rabies.

    *Diagnostic sampling: Samples are taken at                            time of appointment and sent to a
             professional lab for evaluation.

    *Minor medical issues: 
                    Skin and ear problems
                    Mild infections
                    Mild vomiting and diarrhea

    *Dog and Cat Spay and Neutering

    *Minor Surgerys
    *Preliminary work-up of major diseases.

    *Management of controlled chronic conditions.


At this time AMVS is unable to offer radiographs or hospitalization. If we feel your pet needs more medical attention then we can provide, we will refer you to another practice that can help your pet.

Adirondack Mobile Veterinary Service