Adirondack Mobile Veterinary Service
  Male Cat Neuter                                   $70                              
  Female Cat Spay                                  $90
  (Rabies for cats at the time of spay/neuter $10)
  (rcp done at the time of spay/neuter $20)

**Any animals over 60lbs and/or older than 7 years, for the safety of the animal and for more monitoring please use a full service vet.***

***No brachiocephalic breeds(such as pugs, bulldog etc.)***

  Male Dog Neuter :   0-20lbs                 $130
                                 20-40lbs               $150
  Female Dog Spay :  0-20lbs                 $150
                                 20-40lbs               $180
                                    (No in Heat spays)
Pre-op: No food or water after midnight the night before surgeries.